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Beef...all natural, pasture raised, grass fed beef!


Nothin' like a ribeye steak!


The "Man" steak...Porterhouse!


Good lean ground beef....oh the burgers!

All the cuts, you get 'em all, steaks,roasts,burger,
brisket,ribs,soup bones,everything, all cut just the way you order it.

About our cattle...

For years we have bought young cattle from a fellow farmer who raises his cattle on untreated pastures and gives no hormones or antibiotic. We bring them here, where they live their life free to roam and are all grass fed and pastured. Though we are a certified organic farm, we cannot call our beef “USDA Certified Organic” because it does not come from cattle that were not born on a certified organic farm. For beef to be “USDA Certified Organic”, it must come from a cow whose mother was eating certified organic diet, while living on a certified organic farm for at least its’ last trimester of pregnancy. Once that calf was born onto that certified organic farm, it must live its’ entire life on a certified organic farm and eat only certified organic diet.

Where are we in that whole story? We have cows that we will breed this year (2013). This will be the first time we have done our own breeding. These mothers will spend not only the last trimester, but their entire pregnancy on our certified organic farm. These babies will be here next year and will be “USDA Certified Organic”. It takes 20 months to raise them to size from processing. So, it will be almost 3 years before we have “USDA Certified Organic” beef for you to purchase.

So what do we do in the meantime?
We will continue to buy and raise young cattle from our local friend like we have for years. We will raise these cattle on our certified organic pastures and make the beef from them available to you. In an effort to keep up with the demand for great beef and support our fellow local farmers, when we run out of beef, we buy cattle from other local farmers raising the amount of beef we can provide. What’s the difference? The beef that comes from the other farms are raised very much like ours, grass fed, out on pasture, all natural, no hormones, no antibiotics and so on. Just not on certified organic farm. We will continue to look for way to bring you all great, healthy meat from animal that were raised right. All this information can be confusing, please feel free to ask us any questions!


2018Harvest is priced at $3.80 per pound when bought by the side. $3.90 when bought by the quarter. Most sides are going to weigh between 350 hanging weight. 
This price includes all processing and free local delivery.
Sides and quarters available all year. 


What is hanging weight?
How does this work?
A side?

Answers about the process

When the steer is ready for harvest, we deliver it live to a local USDA inspected facility where it is processed into to 2 hanging sides and hung in one of their large refrigerators. Here it may hang a day or 2. From there it is taken to a second USDA inspected facility where it is hung for 3-20 more days. The hanging is part of the tenderizing process. After the hanging time is complete, the side is cut to order. You tell us ahead of time how you want your meat cut and packed...steaks bones in or out, how big of roast you want, what percentage of fat in the ground beef and so on. The cuts will be pack, labeled and flash frozen.


Our hens are a variety of breeds. They roam the property as they please. They're funny, they have different groups they hang out with. (One particular group has earned the nickname "the posse")

The hens are fed an all natural diet. They are never given any antibiotics.

Everyone that buys eggs from us says the same thing..."Wow, what great flavor!!"
You can see a difference in the color, the thickness and size. They really are all they're cracked up to be!



We sell our eggs for;
  • 1 dozen large $2.50
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