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Pictures Around the Farm

Our newest addition to the farm...Maggie and April!!

Our ram and farm mascot, "Lenard" in this unique early morning picture!

How about a birds eye view of the entire 23 acre farm! The black line is an outline of the entire property. The red lines is about an 8 acre area that was cleared for more room for the steer since this picture was taken. Our friend Joe Kocian (listed on page 2 of this site as owner of Kocian Meats) owns the property to the left of our farm.We use the part of his property that is outlined in blue as extra area for some of the animals to roam as well.

McKenzie is one of the horses here on the farm. A grand baby of a horse Sylvio used to ride when he was a kid.

Couple young Angus posing for a picture.

Some of the lamb just hangin' out.

Joey is a mini we used to have that would go everywhere with the steer.

The boys off to the mud!

Some of our Australorp hens watchin' somethin'...who knows.

Is it work or play...hmmm?

McKenzie and Bayla.

Hidden back off the road!

Spaghetti sauce anyone?

Joey again, being driven by David.

The right equipment makes any task easier here on the farm. Johnny bites at the wheels every time Dave uses that thing.

Kayne and Cricket enjoying a ride.

June (10 mo) and Johnny (3) chillin' out. (We're fans of Johnny Cash)

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