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Here we wanted to share not only a bit about each of us in the family, but also about some friends that make a difference with our farm.

The Family



Meet David (7), he is our entertainer. He loves to show off and loves to pose as you can see above. Course he is a good lookin kid. Top left he is showing off in his flash costume which he wears frequently. He loves riding and insists on going without the lead rope. Davey loves to go out and spend time with the animals. It is not uncommon to see him running with the chickens or walking around holding "Rachard" our rooster (Dave came up with the name). You may also see him out in the pastures either with the horses, who he has conversations with as if they are as into what he is talking about as he is, or maybe out with the steer. He leads them on walks and has been known to lay in the hay with them and feed them by hand. Dave plays football, baseball and joined the scouts this year and loves it!



Meet Kayne(9), self proclaimed BOSS. Kayne takes care of the chickens here on the farm and collects the eggs on a daily basis. He also partners with Elizabeth to keep the chicken coop clean. This kids loves to work and has more common sense than most adults I know. He has been playing football and baseball for a few years now and is also in the cub scouts for his 3rd year. Quite the dare devil this one and loves to ride the horses. 



Meet Elizabeth (13). Nicknamed Lizzie! Lizzie isn't really into getting dirty on the farm, but it doesn't mean she won't. She makes sure the chicken coop stays clean with the help of Kayne and she also makes sure the eggs get cleaned and packed for our customers. Lizzie is a great organizer and loves to take care of things for the family around here. At school Lizzie gets great grades, runs in track, she is one of the class representatives on student council for the 8th grade and has also been involved in Model United Nations for some time now. In the picture to the right she holds the Model UN gavel from her first conference, the highest awards a student can earn in Model UN and she earned it at her first conference!



Carmen (15) is a key part to what happens here at the farm. Carmen is outside everyday, rain, shine, snow, cold or hot handling things that need done here. As a co-owner of the farm, he has some of his own money invested in livestock and is learning what it is to grow an investment. Carmen is our research dept. He is very smart, all honors in school and is very good at researching things that help us here on the farm. In school, Carmen has great friends that he loves to do things with and many of them participate in lots of extra activities with him. Carmen is in Model United Nations, he runs in track and plays a number of instruments including the baritone which he plays in the Jefferson High School Marching Band.
As you can tell from one of his homecoming picture, he has a great sense of humor.



Vanessa (aka Mommy, for the kids...aka 'the corporate office' for Sylvio) keeps everything in check here at Pellegrino Pastures. Where the rest of us would rather just do whatever we want whenever we want, Vanessa keeps it real and thank God. Vanessa is from West Virginia which is also where she went to school at WVU and got her bachelor's and master's. While Vanessa loves nature and the farm, she works outside the home putting her education to good use. Vanessa has a bit of a hike on the days she is at the's at the NASA Safety Center next to the John Glenn Research Center in Cleveland. She is a Occupational Safety Consultant and Subject Matter Expert in Occupational Safety.
Vanessa's discipline, organizational skills, eye for detail and passion for life play a huge role in life here at Pellegrino Pastures...more than we may know!  She is also our resident photographer and has taken most of these pictures!


Sylvio (aka Daddy) is accountable for the end product here at Pellegrino Pastures. Sylvio was born and raised in northeastern Ohio and spent many childhood summers in West Virginia. His Granddad and uncles had a farm with dozens of horses where he and his cousins would spend sun up 'til sun down riding and escorting people that came out for trail rides. He knew then that he would one day have horses of his own but never imagined he would have his own farm. (In the picture above, he is on McKenzie, great grand baby of a horse he used to ride as a kid).
Sylvio not only runs the farm, but owns a contracting company,Covers N Stuff LLC, which takes on everything from roofing (covers) to any type of home repair and general contracting (stuff). In addition to contracting, Covers N Stuff also provides snow plowing service in the winter months. It helps keep things busy during the winter.
Sylvio and Vanessa also manage a number of rental properties that they own and have found that the challenge of being landlords is out-weighed by the satisfaction of being the kind of landlord that has a great relationship with their tenants.

Friends of the family and farm!

Mahan Packing Co.
6540 Route 45, Bristolville, OH 44402
(330) 889-2454
no website

Mahan's is a USDA facility and they are the first stop for our steer when they leave the farm. They have been around for years and provide top notch service. They complete our orders by when they say every time. Their low cost helps us to keep your cost down.


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