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    Welcome to Pellegrino Pastures. We are a family owned and operated farm that is small and growing. Our farm is in northeastern Ohio, hidden from the road, nestled back in the woods. Our family and animals enjoy this peaceful setting....a nice retreat from life's craziness.
  In 2007 we started looking for land that we could shape into our home and farm and we sure did find it here. At the time the only thing here was brush and woods. While we took only a few months to complete everything for our home and to get moved in, it took almost four years to go from brush and woods on the original 11 acres to the barns, a number of pastures and paddocks and on 23 acres. It's our farm and we love it!

In early 2012 we grew our farms' capacity. We have implemented 2 adjacent properties growing our size to almost 40 acres.  We increased the number of cattle we can raise and gotten much better at raising meat chickens. Even better, we became USDA Certified Organic!! Starting in 2012, we were able to provide certified organic chicken products. In the area of beef, we have available great grass fed beef that was here prior to the certification. As soon as our new moma cows start having babies, we will be offering grass fed certified organic beef! We have introduced to our cattle heard, the Piedmontese breed of cattle. This breed is known for it's not only large but tender muscle. We will be crossing this with the Angus to produce a product not common around this area.

In early 2013, we increased our Certified Organic bird numbers to over 600 at any given time bringing our total raised during the year into the thousands by the end of November. Our intention during this season was to raise enough to no longer have to try raising birds over the winter, an almost impossible task. We are able to supply a number of markets in northeast Ohio

In November 2013, we have hoped that our planning pays off and that we have enough product to carry us till next growing season!

2014 important news! We are making a change to our chicken. We have thought long and hard on this one. While we have been proud to have raised certified organic chicken, we are making a change. In an effort to keep cost reasonable, we are moving our chicken operation to a Amish
 friend's farm. Our chicken will still be non GMO, raised outdoors and free of antibiotic & growth hormones. just not called certified organic. 

In other news, we have had our first babies on the farm!!! Our ewes have started giving birth and we have 3 baby lamb and more are on the way. All girls so far! This will grow our breeding flock. The down side for you lamb meat lovers is that with all girls being born, so far will do not have any males that are what is typically raised for meat. We'll keep you posted but for now, we are happy to see all these babies healthy and doing well.

Lastly, please see 2014 pricing on pricing page and new pictures of the last page!!
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It's early 2017! we are expanding in some areas, and cutting back in others. We have cut out our chicken product line all together. It had become more than we could manage on top of our other full time jobs. However, we have added a bull to our cattle and have been producing more cattle on our own. 
Our largest growth is with the sheep flock. We have added a Dorper ram. The kids call him Piano Tiles for his mostly black and white color. He has proven to be very fertile.

 2018 and still learning!!!
While we have kept our oldest sheep Honey, we have sold the rest. after many thoughts, experiences and plans, we decided to gear everything around the cattle. While are no large operation by any stretch, we can continue to provide great beef to those that buy from us.
We are now selling beef only by the quarter and side. Our prices may vary from season to season. However, the price you see will always include the beef itself, packing to your request, labeling, flash freezing and local delivery.

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Stay with us, we will keep you posted. feel free to send your meat or farm questions our way!
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    Please take some time browse our website and learn about Pellegrino Pastures.
In the pages to follow we will tell you a little about each of us in the Pellegrino Family. We will share with you some basics about friends of ours that play a role in what we do here and others that we just want to share about. We share some simple information about raising healthy livestock to support a healthy lifestyle. You will find all the products we offer and what to expect to pay for them. Lastly, we share some pictures from around our farm and hope you enjoy them.

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Our Vision
"Here at Pellegrino Pastures we take pride in providing healthy, home grown food to your family and community.Our accountable service and delicious variety makes us confident that we will put a smile on your face."

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